Outreach Basics

Sowing seeds, or outreaching to others with the good news of our Beachbody opportunity is important.  How important – is something you have to decide for yourself.

There are principles that govern outreach that will never change, but our tactics will change over time. There is a huge difference between principles and tactics so please keep this in mind.  As you are introduced to new technology and tricks of the marketing trade before you spend your money to find they don’t meet your need, filter their purpose through how they address your principles.

PRINCIPLES that never change as long as you are on this team

  • Be sold on your own stuff. If you cannot convince others to be more convinced than you are.  I encourage you now, whatever aspect of Beachbody you feel reluctant to share, sit quietly and write down all your own objections.  Then craft objection busters to those things you wrote. If you cannot convince yourself, you cannot convince anyone else. This is an absolute fact.
  • Forget the slimy sales approach!  It does not work, it feels slimy to do, and it feels slimy to receive.  On the In His Image Fitness team, approach your clients and Coach recruits with LOVE and Education.  You must have their best intention in mind over and above making a sale.
  • Believe the Beachbody products and opportunity WORK!  If you do not yet have your own proof to share, tap into the success stories of the millions of others Beachbody has impacted.  Your clients and new coaches want a result.  LISTEN!  Hear what it is they want to achieve and point them to the appropriate Beachbody SOLUTION!  That is what we do, and we do it packaged in love and education.
  • Know your WHY!  This is the strongest reason for hanging in there as you build your business.   Your why may change over time. That is fine.  You must write down your why, and I strongly encourage you to keep it within easy view.
  • Identify your ideal target market.  This is crucial!  Take my word for it – forget being all things to all people.  Beachbody may seem like a one-size-fits-all solution, but you are better off tailoring your approach from a niche that is a group you are smack in the middle of. Need help with this?  Make an appointment with Trudy
  • Build Relationships! A contact becomes a contract when the R is present. The R stands for relationships.  People do business with people, preferably those they know at some level.  Connect and build relationships.  We are not in the products business. We are in the people business.
  • Find your prospect’s why.  Ask deeper questions.  Their first response is rarely the real driving motivator.  Knowing why is also how you will match them with the ideal Beachbody solution, and get them engaged in the process toward their success.  For example, a mom may tell you her why is that she wants to have the energy for her young children.  Probing further may help you discover that her mother was very ill when she was a child and she is scared that if she does not take better care of herself, she will repeat that experience for her kids.  Always dig deeper with questions.

Outreach Tactics (the basics):

  • Create a Facbook Fanpage.  This is a mandatory business building step for many reasons.  Learn more here.  Create your fanpage how to
  • Build a strong online presence. Optin to other social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, etc), have a website and so on.  Most people research before they invest. Often they will look you up or check out your content before connecting with you.  Zero online information and your credibility will be lower than those who have an online presence.  Google yourself!  See if anything comes up.  Nothing?  Get busy.
  • Consistently post to your social media sites without spamming. I recommend posting something of value a minimum of 5 times per week
  • Get an autoresponder and start building your email list. I use Get Response because it is user-friendly, has live tech support 24/7 and is feature rich.  There are free options on the market, but if you want to explore this option, click HERE http://gr8.com/pr/NgAl/d
  • Embrace video (most powerful option). Use Facebook Live and/or upload from your mobile device to Youtube.  Scared? Get over it!  People do business with people.  The human interaction is vital to building relationships.
  • Pick up the phone!  Yeah, yeah, yeah – when you are gabbing with your gang you have no problem.  Reach out to a prospective new client or coach and you freeze.  Get over it!  People do business with people.  The human interaction is vital to building relationships.

Tactics will become overwhelming after awhile. There are so many new strategies and technologies being developed daily and many deliver amazing results, help cut our workload, or increase our efficiency.  Before you invest your money or your time in any of these, filter their purpose through the abiding principles shared above.  Much of our team training will cover tactics, so tap into team calls and events.